Instagram and Facebook Advertising

When it comes to advertising on social media, Instagram and Facebook can be excellent. Advertising is a cost-effective way to improve your client outreach and secure new enrolments for your childcare centre. With the ability to target specific demographics, social media advertising is the best possible way to highlight your centre offerings to parents and carers.

As the most widely used social media platforms in the world, Facebook and Instagram use advanced algorithms to determine the most appropriate recipients of your advertising. Taking previous searches and user location into account, local parents will receive updates and news about your childcare centre within their news feeds. This will not only result in more tour bookings, enquiries and enrolments, it will also strengthen your online brand identity. With the average person spending around 35 minutes on social media each day, it goes without saying that this can be a worthwhile endeavour for any childcare operator looking to expand their business.

How social media advertisements work

Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns are tailor made according to your business needs and ideal customer demographics. In the case of childcare centres, this would be local parents and carers seeking a friendly, caring environment with the best interests of their children at heart.

Your advertisement may be the first interaction many parents will have with your childcare centre, and by clicking on the ad they will be taken directly to your website. Campaigns can be run for as little as one day or as long as you like, giving you flexibility and the option of reaching out to prospective new clients at key periods throughout the year.

Social media advertising is highly customisable, and we can tailor your campaign based on:

  • Interests – What are the unique points of difference in your centre? For example, you may be an eco-friendly child care centre. We can tailor your campaign towards parents who have an interest in sustainable practices, as evidenced by the pages/connections they have made on social media.
  • Demographics – Your campaign will not be effective if you don’t target the right audience. Campaigns for childcare centres should ideally reach young families and carers of young children for optimal results. We can set specific parameters based on location, language, age, gender and more.
  • Behaviour –Your campaign can be customised to target people based on their usage of the platform, device preferences, income, purchase behaviour and more.
  • Connections – Your advertisement will never hide in the background, as visibility can be customised based on friend connections. Not only can it be viewed by your own friends, but also anyone with mutual connections on the platform.
  • Custom Audience – You gain control over who sees your advertisement. Utilising email addresses, phone numbers and Facebook ID’s, you can create your own custom audience.

Standard ad campaigns are ideal, but you can also take things a step further by boosting your status updates. This will directly target parents looking for a childcare centre, and it’s a great way to promote recent events or promotional enrolment/tour booking offers.

Facebook ad campaigns and post boosting starts from as little as $1 per day.

Our Service offering

The team at Childcare Web Design have worked with countless childcare centre operators looking to boost their presence online. Our aim is for you to receive as many enquiries and successful enrolments as possible, and we accomplish this through:

  • Implementing effective Instagram and Facebook marketing strategies which work in tandem with your websites SEO plan to increase carer engagement
  • Creating unique, custom designed landing page which maximise engagement with your Facebook ad campaigns
  • Clear call to action statements which encourage carers and parents to act, either by booking a tour or enrolling online

Our Facebook ad campaigns for childcare centres are fast, effective and affordable. Contact us now for an obligation free quote.